UK UniversitiesToday we will turn your attention on some of the finest universities in the United Kingdom, so that you can more properly choose the ideal higher education facility for you.

Note: The universities are simply listed, meaning that they are not ranked in any way.

  • University of Cambridge- The University of Cambridge is the third oldest surviving university in the world and was established in 1209. At the moment the university has an academic staff of almost 6,000, an administrative staff of over 3,000 and a student staff of approximately 19,000. Amongst the most notable alumni of the university are Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Hugh Laurie, Lord Byron, King George VI, and many, many more. The university has an immense campus that spreads over 366.444 square meters and is being served in full including professional cleaning services by Carpet Cleaning Kingston.
  • London School of Economics- The London School of Economics was founded in 1895 and currently has a student staff of over 9,000. The school is organized of a total of 24 academic departments and 19 research centers. The campus of the university is located in London area of Clare Market.
  • University of Oxford- The University of Oxford is one of the finest universities not only in the United Kingdom but the world as well. Nobody knows when exactly the university was founded but historical documents show that teaching at Oxford existed since the late 11th Just like the University of Cambridge, Oxford also has it fair share of notable alumni such as Oscar Wilde, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Tony Blair, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Walter Raleigh and many more. Oxford doesn’t have a main campus as the entire city of Oxford is a university city, meaning that the city serves the purpose of a campus. This is a very pragmatic aspect due to the fact that you will have easy access to all types of public services including cleaning services if you decide to pursue your studies in Oxford.
  • University of St. Andrews- The University of St. Andrews was established in early years of the 15th century and is currently one of the finest higher education institution in Scotland and one of the best in the United Kingdom. The current chancellor of the university is Sir Menzies Campbell, while the rector of the university is award winning journalist and writer Alistair Moffat. The campus of the university is located in the town of St. Andrews.
  • Durham University- Durham University was founded in 1832 and is situated in the towns of Durham and Stockton-on-Tees. The university has approximately 16.500 students and is formed by a total of 63 listed buildings. The university has two campuses, one located in the town of Durham and one located in the town of Stockton-on-Tees. The latter campus is known as Queen’s Campus and was created in 1992.

Now that we have presented to you five of the finest university in the United Kingdom, the final choice is yours. Just remember that you will be spending the next years of your life in the town that you have chosen, so take your time to consider all your options properly.