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How to clean a bathtub

Bathtub CleaningThe bathtub is undoubtedly the hardest bathroom appliance to clean according to the professionals  . This is why we have decided to write down a step by step tutorial which can aid you facilitate your bathroom cleaning duties and more importantly help you maintain a clean and bacteria and germ-free tub.

Commence the bathtub cleaning by spaying a commercial tub cleaner or shampoo on your tube. Spray the cleaning solution at the top of one of your tub’s sides and allow then give the cleaning detergent several seconds to run down to the bottom.

Next grab a soft clean pad and start scrubbing the side of the tub that you have sprayed with the cleaner or shampoo. Never under any circumstances use an abrasive pad because it will cause irreparable damages the surface of your bathtub. When you are done scrubbing let the bathtub cleaner or shampoo sit for several minutes.

While the cleaner or shampoo is sitting at one side, treat the other side of the tub in the same manner. And then treat the bottom of the tub, analogically. Once all sides have been treated and the cleaner or shampoo has sat for a while, grab the shower head of your tub and rinse the shampoo or cleaner with hot water.

Now check to see if all the dirty, soap scum and stains have been removing by running your hand through the surfaces of your bathtub. If you feel any roughness, threat the problematic area once more.

Now that the tube is clean, you must turn attention to the splash guard. The splash guard is a lot easier to clean than the tub. Simply soak a sponge into the tub cleaner or shampoo and apply the cleaning solution over the splash guard with the soft side of the sponge. When done allow the cleaning detergent to sit and once again use warm water to rinse. If necessary repeat the procedure but it is highly unlikely that it will come to that.

Next clean your bathtub curtain or door. You can clean the curtain by applying all-purpose bathroom cleaner on it and rinsing with warm water. On the other hand if you have a door instead of a curtain it is for the best if you treat it in the same manner with which you have treated your bathtub.

Continue the bathtub cleaning by cleaning the faucet and shower head. Simply pour some dish soap on a clean cloth and start rubbing the bathtub features. Do the same with the towel rack if you bathtub has one. When done, rinse everything with hot water. It is advisable that you rinse everything twice because dish soap tends to leave a lot of residue.

End the bathtub cleaning by checking the drain to see whether it is clogged. If it is, unclog your drain before you call it a day.

If all this seems too time consuming for you, you can always use the professional cleaning services of a cleaning company. Regardless what approach you choose, it is important that you clean your bathtub regularly because bathing in a dirty tub isn’t healthy.

5 of the finest university in the United Kingdom

UK UniversitiesToday we will turn your attention on some of the finest universities in the United Kingdom, so that you can more properly choose the ideal higher education facility for you.

Note: The universities are simply listed, meaning that they are not ranked in any way.

  • University of Cambridge- The University of Cambridge is the third oldest surviving university in the world and was established in 1209. At the moment the university has an academic staff of almost 6,000, an administrative staff of over 3,000 and a student staff of approximately 19,000. Amongst the most notable alumni of the university are Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Hugh Laurie, Lord Byron, King George VI, and many, many more. The university has an immense campus that spreads over 366.444 square meters and is being served in full including professional cleaning services by Carpet Cleaning Kingston.
  • London School of Economics- The London School of Economics was founded in 1895 and currently has a student staff of over 9,000. The school is organized of a total of 24 academic departments and 19 research centers. The campus of the university is located in London area of Clare Market.
  • University of Oxford- The University of Oxford is one of the finest universities not only in the United Kingdom but the world as well. Nobody knows when exactly the university was founded but historical documents show that teaching at Oxford existed since the late 11th Just like the University of Cambridge, Oxford also has it fair share of notable alumni such as Oscar Wilde, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Tony Blair, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Walter Raleigh and many more. Oxford doesn’t have a main campus as the entire city of Oxford is a university city, meaning that the city serves the purpose of a campus. This is a very pragmatic aspect due to the fact that you will have easy access to all types of public services including cleaning services if you decide to pursue your studies in Oxford.
  • University of St. Andrews- The University of St. Andrews was established in early years of the 15th century and is currently one of the finest higher education institution in Scotland and one of the best in the United Kingdom. The current chancellor of the university is Sir Menzies Campbell, while the rector of the university is award winning journalist and writer Alistair Moffat. The campus of the university is located in the town of St. Andrews.
  • Durham University- Durham University was founded in 1832 and is situated in the towns of Durham and Stockton-on-Tees. The university has approximately 16.500 students and is formed by a total of 63 listed buildings. The university has two campuses, one located in the town of Durham and one located in the town of Stockton-on-Tees. The latter campus is known as Queen’s Campus and was created in 1992.

Now that we have presented to you five of the finest university in the United Kingdom, the final choice is yours. Just remember that you will be spending the next years of your life in the town that you have chosen, so take your time to consider all your options properly.

How to clean a heavily soiled oven

Oven CleaningYou have recently realized that you haven’t cleaned your oven since you have bought it and this is showing its toll on the meals that you are cooking because your oven is either overheating or under-heating them. To help you with your oven cleaning conundrum we have decided to turn your attention towards a simple but very effective oven cleaning tutorial that will allow you to clean your oven in less than an hour.

Before we present to you our tutorial we want to tell you that the easiest way to have your oven cleaned without you spending any time and energy into the task is to call a company that provides professional oven cleaning services. If you are worried that you won’t be able to find such a company don’t be because currently a lot of cleaning companies provide this particular service.

On the other hand if you have the time and will to clean your oven on your own, here is what you should do:

Start by making your own homemade oven cleaning solution by filling a bowl halfway with baking soda and filling the rest of the bowl with water. If your oven isn’t too soiled you can reduce the quantity of the baking soda. Mix the two ingredients until a thin paste is formed.

Next remove all removable components from your oven and place them into your sink which you have a foretime filled with a water and dishwashing liquid. Let the components soak into the water and soap mixture until you are done cleaning the oven. Also if your oven’s door is removable, remove it as well so that you can clean more easily the backside and sides of the door.

Next with the aid of a clean cloth apply the oven cleaning paste into the inside of your oven and allow the paste to sit from 30 minutes to one hour before you wipe it away. Make sure that you distribute the paste evenly into the interior of your oven or some parts of the oven will remained dirtier than other and you will have to repeat the entire procedure.

Now grab a wallpaper scraper and start scarping away the stains from the interior of your oven. If some of the stains are too resilient apply just a little bit of the paste on them and allow the paste to sit for five to ten minutes before you make a second attempt on removing the stains. Once all stains are gone, wash the scraper under warm running water and put it back in place.

With the stains gone, wipe the inside of your oven with a dampened cloth to remove the paste and all dirty with it. Then go to your sink and take out all the oven components that you have soaked in the sink and dry them with a moisture absorbent pad. Place the oven components back in place. If you have removed the oven door, wipe it clean thoroughly and then reattach it to the oven. Always place the door last.


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