Bathtub CleaningThe bathtub is undoubtedly the hardest bathroom appliance to clean according to the professionals  . This is why we have decided to write down a step by step tutorial which can aid you facilitate your bathroom cleaning duties and more importantly help you maintain a clean and bacteria and germ-free tub.

Commence the bathtub cleaning by spaying a commercial tub cleaner or shampoo on your tube. Spray the cleaning solution at the top of one of your tub’s sides and allow then give the cleaning detergent several seconds to run down to the bottom.

Next grab a soft clean pad and start scrubbing the side of the tub that you have sprayed with the cleaner or shampoo. Never under any circumstances use an abrasive pad because it will cause irreparable damages the surface of your bathtub. When you are done scrubbing let the bathtub cleaner or shampoo sit for several minutes.

While the cleaner or shampoo is sitting at one side, treat the other side of the tub in the same manner. And then treat the bottom of the tub, analogically. Once all sides have been treated and the cleaner or shampoo has sat for a while, grab the shower head of your tub and rinse the shampoo or cleaner with hot water.

Now check to see if all the dirty, soap scum and stains have been removing by running your hand through the surfaces of your bathtub. If you feel any roughness, threat the problematic area once more.

Now that the tube is clean, you must turn attention to the splash guard. The splash guard is a lot easier to clean than the tub. Simply soak a sponge into the tub cleaner or shampoo and apply the cleaning solution over the splash guard with the soft side of the sponge. When done allow the cleaning detergent to sit and once again use warm water to rinse. If necessary repeat the procedure but it is highly unlikely that it will come to that.

Next clean your bathtub curtain or door. You can clean the curtain by applying all-purpose bathroom cleaner on it and rinsing with warm water. On the other hand if you have a door instead of a curtain it is for the best if you treat it in the same manner with which you have treated your bathtub.

Continue the bathtub cleaning by cleaning the faucet and shower head. Simply pour some dish soap on a clean cloth and start rubbing the bathtub features. Do the same with the towel rack if you bathtub has one. When done, rinse everything with hot water. It is advisable that you rinse everything twice because dish soap tends to leave a lot of residue.

End the bathtub cleaning by checking the drain to see whether it is clogged. If it is, unclog your drain before you call it a day.

If all this seems too time consuming for you, you can always use the professional cleaning services of a cleaning company. Regardless what approach you choose, it is important that you clean your bathtub regularly because bathing in a dirty tub isn’t healthy.